NTC 1-01Application for Radio Operator Examination
NTC 1-02Application for Radio Operator Certificate
NTC 1-03Application for Amateur Radio Operator Certificate/Amateur Radio Station License
NTC 1-04Application for Ship/Ship-Earth Station License/Cargo Ship Safety Radio Certificate/Temporary Permit/Ferrying Permit
NTC 1-05Form A (Multiple Stations/Equipment)
NTC 1-06Form B (For Modification)
NTC 1-07Application for Certificate of Recognition as Accounting Authority/Authorization as Point of Service Activation Entity/Accreditation as Shore-Based Maintenance Entity
NTC 1-08Application for Certificate of Exemption/Deletion
NTC 1-09Application for Permit to Purchase/Possess/Sell/Transfer
NTC 1-10Form E (Multiple Stations/Equipment)
NTC 1-11Application for Construction Permit/Radio Station License
NTC 1-12Form C (Multiple Stations/Equipment)
NTC 1-13Form D (For Modification)
NTC 1-14Application for Temporary Permit to Propagate/Demonstrate
NTC 1-15Form F (Multiple Stations/Equipment)
NTC 1-16Application for Permit to Transport Radio Transmitter(s)/Transceiver(s)
NTC 1-17Application for Type Approval/Acceptance/Grant of Equipment Conformity Certificate
NTC 1-18Application for Dealer/Manufacturer/Service Center/Retailer/Reseller Permit/CPE Supplier Accreditation
NTC 1-19Application for Certificate of Registration (WDN/SRD/RFID/SRRS/Public Trunk Radio)
NTC 1-20Application for Certificate of Registration (VAS/PCSOTSP/VOIP)
NTC 1-21Application for Duplicate of Permit/License/Certificate
NTC 1-22Application for TVRO Registration Certificate/TVRO Station License/CATV Station License
NTC 1-23Form G (Multiple Equipment/Antenna/Signals Received)
NTC 1-24Affidavit of Ownership and Loss with Undertaking
NTC 1-25Complaint Form

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